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The management team at Briggs Right of Way Services has over 125 years of combined experience performing land services and purchasing rights of way in Texas.

As technology in the communication industry constantly changes and the demand continues to grow, so does the need for an experienced right of way acquisition firm to organize and complete  the process of acquiring land for phone lines, fiber lines, billboards and more. 


We proudly offer the following services:



During the pre-acquisition phase we work closely with surveyors while preparing limited title certificates. Carefully selected right of way agents, who are best suited to work with the landowners in each specific project area are assigned to the project.  Excellent landowner relationships start here and are critical to the success of every project.


  • Feasibility and routing studies

  • Abstract/title search

  • Permitting for right of entry

  • Permitting for State, Federal and local agencies

  • Due diligence

  • GIS Mapping


We always negotiate in good faith by clearly communicating the project’s scope, objective and impact to each landowner.  All project communications are documented in our system and are easily accessible by our clients.


  • Document preparation

  • Easement delineation

  • Options to purchase easements

  • Negotiations and acquisition

  • Amended easements

  • Supplemental easements


During construction we are the liaison between our clients and the landowners. We are trained to accurately assess damages, but beyond that, we are problem solvers who leverage our landowner relationship experience to resolve issues before they impact the construction timeline.


  • Construction support

  • Damage claim settlement

  • Condemnation support

  • Expert witness testimony

  • Reporting


Our experienced management team is familiar with the right of way processes required to make each project a success. We are well versed in creating and managing budgets, calculating burn rates, as well as preparing re-projections, executive summaries and supporting schedules.


  • Supervisory

  • Forecasting

  • Budgeting

  • Re-projecting

  • Reporting

  • GIS Mapping

Briggs Right of Way Services can handle your right of way project from start to finish.

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